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New Build Assist Program: SDMC’s service for those who are commissioning the manufacture of a vessel ensure that you are prepared to be an informed, and proactive participant in the myriad equipment and installation decisions, which are part of the manufacturing process, decisions that make the difference between disappointment and pride in your new boat.

We begin by clarifying and setting specific goals for the use of your vessel, so that all construction and installation decisions are focused on accomplishing those goals, with maximum safety, security, reliability and enjoyment, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Among the mechanical systems we may review and critique together are primary gear and equipment, accessory and power options, batteries and charging systems, refrigeration options, bilge pump capacity, plumbing, and running gear. We’ll also guide you and your builder, encouraging gear installations that accommodate easy access for preventive and regular maintenance by you, and also making it easier and less costly for service by others.  We’ll provide guidance that will ensure that safety and reliability are primary criteria for equipment and its installation.

Your manufacturer will have their own equipment list and installation practices, some of which will meet our requirements. However, in making those decisions marine manufacturers are driven by a set of generic assumptions about the cruising goals and system requirements of their buyers as well as by their existing vendor relationships. Fortunately, in response to an informed customer, the marine production process allows for customization, without necessarily or significantly increasing cost, of equipment and its installation practices. It is our goal to assist you in being that highly informed customer and to give you, as needed, the leverage of our expertise and reputation in the industry to insure your requirements are met.

As your consultant and advocate in the manufacturing process we work in partnership with the manufacturer, and always with the clarity that our only focus is on doing what is right for you. Wise builders always benefit from and take advantage of this partnership.  Our involvement allows you to have more confidence and a stronger voice in working with the manufacturer.

Our relationship with vendors can be especially important when you decide to specify equipment different than, or in addition to, the manufacturer’s standard equipment list. In that case, you need to be able to talk directly to the vendor, rather than through the manufacturer.

As you are exploring alternative equipment options or installation issues, SDMC can afford you direct access to the appropriate person and participate with you on conference calls or in email exchanges. When we are part of the process, they pay more attention to your questions, are less likely to believe they can ignore your issues and they know we can evaluate the validity of their answers.

Our interaction in this project may be a combination of face-to-face and phone meetings as well as email contact. There also may be meetings, conference calls and email exchanges with the manufacturer or vendors, as well as an in-progress and post completion/commissioning inspection of the vessel.

The fee for our direct work with you, including the initial face-to-face or phone meeting, to establish your goals and requirements for your vessel, the on-going phone and email contact with you to set equipment specifications and installation procedures, as well as with your manufacturer and vendors, is, like nearly all SDMC projects, based on a fixed cost quote, for a fixed period of time (the intended build duration or some portion thereof).  Fees are quoted, and based on the manufacturer of the vessel, its systems, their complexity, my level of involvement, and the duration of my involvement in the project.

Nearly every new build consultation includes multiple visits to the vessel, to inspect its progress during the construction process as well as conducting a pre-acceptance inspection.

To summarize, the traditional steps in the process are as follows.

  1. Set your goals for the use of the boat, review the standard equipment list and discuss alternatives and additions to that list, participate in the initial discussion with the manufacturer on the alternative or additional equipment you’ve chosen, participate in joint conference calls or email exchanges with the alternative vendors, and the manufacturer, and assist you in your final decisions about any alternative or additional equipment.
  2. Remain available to you throughout the pre-build and build processes, to respond to questions posed by you or the builder.
  3. Work with you and the manufacturer as the equipment and systems are installed to insure the highest quality, safety and reliability.
  4. Conduct inspections during the build to ensure quality and compliance with established requirements and recognized standards.
  5. Post production inspection of the systems prior to final acceptance of your vessel.

Finally, while no one likes to think about the day they will sell the vessel they are only now preparing to build, should you engage SDMC for the full New Build Assist consulting program, you will be able to utilize that consultation, and SDMC’s involvement in the project, as a sales tool.

For additional details and a detailed proposal for your new build project, please contact us.

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