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Cruising should be fun, stimulating, enjoyable and as anxiety-free as possible. SDMC provides you with the tools to make this notion a reality.

Find the right vessel for you, make sure it’s mechanically sound before your purchase it and then cruise with confidence.


Your impartial advocate for a safer, more reliable, and less costly boating experience

Celebrating Our 17th Year

Our Mission

For Boat Owners and Buyers:

Making your boating experience safer, more reliable and less costly. To bring the fun back.

SDMC provides support for those buying and having boats built, as well as for boat owners who are undertaking repairs and refits, as well as those who seek support while cruising.

I work tirelessly for my clients with the following goals; To protect their interests, to act as their advocate and guide them in their interaction with the marine industry.

For the Marine Industry:

To raise the technical and managerial professionalism bar; To bring your customers back, again and again.

SDMC provides consulting support for those in the marine industry. Services include managerial and communication training, technical training and product evaluation.


“…All in all, Steve is a great resource. We plan to move to a larger vessel in the next 3-5 years and we will be using Steve again. I had three engagements with Steve: 1-The Vessel Selection Assist program, to determine the best vessel for us; 2-The Pre-Purchase Inspection and deficiency prioritization; 3-The Refit Assist support program. This all started three weeks after the Miami Boat Show when I gave up on the other brand.”

 Jim and Julianne Gilpin, Fleming 55

“I wish to take a moment and thank you for rendering outstanding service to the Smithsonian Institution. You have made a hugely positive impact. Your careful and professional evaluation of our fifty research vessels and boats at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Station in Panama provided sound and actionable information. The recommendations you made have been instrumental in driving changes in the maintenance management of our research vessel fleet, operations and training of our people. I look forward to our continued relationship as you begin the next phase, conducting similar examinations on our research vessels located at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.”

William W. Brubaker, P.E.

Director, Office of Facilities Engineering and Operations

Smithsonian Institution – Washington, D.C.


Our Programs and Services

  • Pre-Purchase Guidance: Including pre-purchase inspections for pre-owned vessels, see below for pre-acceptance inspections for new vessels
  • Vessel and Systems Inspection: For existing owners, to gain a more thorough understanding of their  vessel’s condition and systems
  • Sea Trial: An evaluation of the performance of a vessel you are considering having built or buying
  • Ready for Sea: A one day review of your vessel and sea trial
  • Onboard Education and Systems Training: Advanced, personalized systems familiarity and troubleshooting training
  • Post inspection compliance support: Make certain the items and issues identified in pre-acceptance and pre-purchase inspection reports have been properly resolved
  • Pre-warranty expiry inspection: Identify issues that should be covered by the vessel, or equipment, manufacturer prior to the expiration of the warranty period
  • Vessel Selection Assist: Find the right vessel for your needs and cruising goals
  • New Build Support: Building a vessel can be very satisfying, however, it can also be daunting.  Engage this program for peace of mind as well as guidance and support before, during and upon completion of your new build
  • New vessel fitting out: Guidance for designing, selecting and installing the systems and gear aboard a vessel
  • Annual inspection program: Identify and resolve issues, with regular systems inspections, before they become failures
  • Captains’ Club: Annual membership providing ongoing support as you cruise
  • Refit and repair: Project support, guidance and advocacy with your boat yard and industry contractors
  • Inspections prior to placing your vessel on the market: Avoid survey surprises and potential negotiations and complications, have your vessel inspected before placing it on the market
  • Industry Consulting: Technical, management, and sales guidance, training and support for boat builders, boat yards and equipment manufacturers
  • Boat show escort: Walk a boat show with Steve reviewing boats, products and being introduced to his contacts in the industry
  • Remote Survey Support: SDMC at your side virtually, before, during and after a pre-purchase survey
  • Pre-Offer Review: A cursory inspection of a vessel, before making an offer, to confirm it is accurately represented, saving you both time and expense
  • New Vessel Pre-Acceptance Inspection: Make certain construction standards and systems installations meet industry best practices, before making the final payment, and taking the keys to your newly-built vessel
  • Marshal Islands Qualified Individual (QI) and Appointed Representative (AR) Surveyor: SDMC is authorized by the Republic of the Marshal Islands to conduct yacht surveys, for compliance with Marshal Islands yacht registration requirements, for newly registering, as well as renewing, vessels.


“I wouldn’t buy a rowboat without Steve!! And neither should you… IF you want to know exactly what you are getting with no surprises; and, if learning about what you have to do to keep her in good condition is important to you. Steve is incredibly thorough, amazingly knowledgeable, and practical. He has, after all, worked in the marine industry for 24-years and run boatyards for 13 of them, and now consults to them. Also, important to us, is that he is a person of principal, ethics, and character.”  

Capt. Linda Bialecki and Douglas Klassen M/V Aries Too, Nordhavn 55-25

“I write to thank you [Steve] on the outstanding and very professional job you did on the pre-delivery inspection of my new 50-foot trawler. The only thing I would do differently if I were to commission another boat to be built is to hire you at the beginning of the boat building process, to oversee all aspects of construction, including recommendations for all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.”  

Doug Hallat, 55 foot custom trawler

Never swim around boats or docks when shore power is present. Learn why here.

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