Pre-Sale Inspection

The best, and most effective, way to get the highest possible price for your vessel, is to ensure it has the fewest number of defects when it comes time for a pre-sale survey.  Using the Pre-Sale Inspection program, you will undergo the same rigorous inspection Steve would carry out for a potential buyer, which will alert you to issues that can be corrected prior to listing your vessel.  The vast majority of observations Steve makes during Pre-Purchase Inspections are unknown to the seller.  These represent surprises that commonly throw a wrench into the sale process, allowing the buyer room for negotiation.  Heading these off with a Pre-Sale Inspection, therefore, makes the most sense if your goal is to minimize hassle and negotiation at the time of survey and sale, while expediting the process.  Pre-Sale Inspections include a detailed, photo-documented and prioritized report.  Fees begin at $6,200.00 plus travel expenses. Call or email us for a quote for your vessel.