Equipping Your New or Pre-Owned Vessel

Finding the right boat and purchasing it can be a daunting task. Once you’ve done that, however, another equally challenging task awaits you: deciding how it should be fitted out and equipped. The range of decisions and choices is nearly endless, from the type of batteries, the method of dinghy storage and deployment, and ground tackle type and size to thruster selection, stabilizer model, radar style and generator make and model.

Once the gear is selected, you must be confident that it is properly installed and tested and although those carrying out the work may be competent, will you know what questions to ask them to make certain they follow all of the necessary procedures and installation requirements? Making these vital decisions carefully and correctly will ensure many years and miles of enjoyable and safe cruising.

Let SDMC’s New Vessel Fitting Out program take the worry and anxiety out of the equipment selection and installation process. We’ll work with you to answer all of your questions and, utilizing over three decades of marine industry experience, guide you through selecting the gear that’s right for you. Contact us for additional details and price schedules for this service.


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