Refitting & Repairing Your Boat

092011275Rather than moving on to a new, and unknown, boat you’ve decided to keep your existing vessel.  She’s tried and true, you’ve been through a lot together, you know how she performs, and you know her strengths and weaknesses. And, now she’s ready for a refit, perhaps new engines, a generator or electrical panel, new paint, align the running gear and you’d like to add a bow thruster, larger battery bank and high output charging system. How will you know what gear to choose and how can you be certain it’s installed properly and tested thoroughly? Can you rely on the manufacturer or the boat yard to provide you with clear and unbiased information? After all, even the best gear, improperly installed, is of little value and it’s only natural for boat yards and contractors to sell you gear for which they are dealers or with which they have the greatest familiarity, even if it may not be quite right for your needs. Also, you want to install gear that’s not only of high quality and reliable, you want to make sure it’s well supported by its manufacturer. Will you be able to make that determination? With SDMC’s Refitting Your Boat program, you can rest assured that all of your refit questions will be answered. We’ll help you make the correct gear selections and assist you in making certain it’s properly installed and we’ll stand by you as your advocate through the process.  Consulting fees begin at $3,200.00.  Contact us for additional details and a quote for this service.092911231