Systems Inspections, Onboard Review and Education

Through a program called Onboard Education and Systems Training, SDMC offers personalized instruction aboard your own vessel.   In this program Steve will spend one or two days aboard (the two day program includes a sea trial and short haul), reviewing the vessel’s systems, including propulsion, exhaust, running gear, electrical, fuel, raw water, potable, black and gray water, genset and wing engine.  At each stage Steve will share with you details regarding Issues he has identified, or has seen in similar applications, as well as preventive maintenance protocols, and recommended improvements and upgrades that are designed to improve reliability.  He will impart to you troubleshooting techniques using multimeter, and infrared pyrometer and other diagnostic tools he believes you should have aboard.  Steve will answer any technical, troubleshooting and vessel familiarity question during these sessions.

While this program does not include preparation of a written report (you are encouraged to take notes) Steve will share with you all of the photographs he takes during the instruction sessions, and he will provide 30 days of email fellow up for any additional questions you may have.  For inspections that include written reports see this page.


Fee: One day program $2,600.00, two day program $4,600, plus customary expenses.

Call or email for more information on the Systems Inspections, Onboard Review and Education Program.


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