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Systems Inspections, Onboard Review and Education

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish someone could show me how the systems on my boat work and where they are located” or, “I’m not sure what systems are in need of attention or maintenance, it would be nice if someone could look this gear over and let me know what I need to worry about and what’s OK as it is”, wish no more. With SDMC’s Systems Inspections, Onboard Review and Education Program, Steve will come to your boat to carry out a review and report upon your vessel’s systems, maintenance, upkeep, gear etc. Think of it as having access to your own personal systems and technical expert for a day or more. Taking advantage of the onboard review and education program will pay dividends many times over, by enabling you to confidently carry out more of your own maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs and by enabling you to properly evaluate service proposals and completed work carried out by others. I’m firmly convinced that every client for whom I’ve provided this and other services would agree that the actual financial value far exceeded the fee.

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