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March 2023 Newsletter “Solderless Terminal Installation”

Photo Essay: Solderless Terminal Installation Solderless terminals, first introduced by aircraft manufacturers prior to WWII, have revolutionized the marine and many other industries.  Without them,...

Dry Exhaust System Details – Editorial: Painting Engines

From the Masthead I began working in the marine industry as a mechanic and electrician back in 1988.  At that time, I was in the...

January 2023 Newsletter “Motor Mount Installation”

Photo Essay: Motor Mount Installation Motor mounts play a vital role in the propulsion system scheme; they represent the only link between the thrust created...

Antifouling Tactics – Editorial: Fifteen Years

From the Masthead Fifteen Years As is all too often the case, I write this month’s ‘From the Masthead’ column while in flight.  I’m homeward bound,...

November 2022 Newsletter “Wiring Lithium-Ion Battery Systems”

Photo Essay: Wiring Lithium-Ion Battery Systems Fires aboard vessels equipped with lithium-ion batteries quickly capture the attention of the boat building and cruising communities, and...

Lightning; Toeing the Standards Line – Editorial: Knowing When to Self-Regulate

From the Masthead Knowing When to Self-Regulate I’m writing this column while in flight, as I return from a week-long trip to Taiwan.  While there I...

October 2022 Newsletter “Motor Mount Adjustment”

Photo Essay: Motor Mount Adjustment As simple as they are, motor mounts may account for one of the most commonly misunderstood, and improperly installed, components...

Antisiphon Valves – Editorial: “Workplace Distraction Revisited”

From the Masthead Workplace Distraction Revisited: The Tale of Submarine S-48 Submarine technology was still in its infancy when the 240-foot S-48 was launched from the...

September 2022 Newsletter “Generator AC Wiring”

Photo Essay: Generator AC Wiring Of all the defects I encounter on generator installations, poor wire routing and support are among the most common.  Generators...

The Need for Smoke Detectors – Editorial: Read the Contract

From the Masthead Read the Contract In the past few months I’ve received several calls from individuals who were preparing to take delivery of newly built...

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