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November 2022 Newsletter “Wiring Lithium-Ion Battery Systems”

Photo Essay: Wiring Lithium-Ion Battery Systems Fires aboard vessels equipped with lithium-ion batteries quickly capture the attention of the boat building and cruising communities, and...

Lightning; Toeing the Standards Line – Editorial: Knowing When to Self-Regulate

From the Masthead Knowing When to Self-Regulate I’m writing this column while in flight, as I return from a week-long trip to Taiwan.  While there I...

October 2022 Newsletter “Motor Mount Adjustment”

Photo Essay: Motor Mount Adjustment As simple as they are, motor mounts may account for one of the most commonly misunderstood, and improperly installed, components...

Antisiphon Valves – Editorial: “Workplace Distraction Revisited”

From the Masthead Workplace Distraction Revisited: The Tale of Submarine S-48 Submarine technology was still in its infancy when the 240-foot S-48 was launched from the...

September 2022 Newsletter “Generator AC Wiring”

Photo Essay: Generator AC Wiring Of all the defects I encounter on generator installations, poor wire routing and support are among the most common.  Generators...

The Need for Smoke Detectors – Editorial: Read the Contract

From the Masthead Read the Contract In the past few months I’ve received several calls from individuals who were preparing to take delivery of newly built...

August 2022 Newsletter “Seacock Appendages”

Photo Essay: Seacock Appendages It’s a scenario I encounter all too often, a “Christmas tree” of hard plumbing, T’s, nipples and other fittings, connected directly...

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of High-Water Alarms – Crossing the Bar, Tim Caruso

From the Masthead Crossing the Bar My first impression of Tim Caruso was, “Uh oh, another mechanic prima donna, cranky, cantankerous and always has to get...

July 2022 Newsletter “Closed Cooling System Hose Failure”

Photo Essay: Closed Cooling System Hose Failure While both must be reliable and robust, hoses used for conveying coolant (often incorrectly referred to as anti-freeze)...

Deciphering the Ingress Protection Code – Editorial: Alaska’s Lituya Bay

From the Masthead When you read this, I will be cruising in Southeast Alaska aboard the Fleming 65 Venture.  As I write this, we are...
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