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Closed Crankcase Ventilation: What is it and what purpose does it serve?

Text and photos by Steve D'Antonio Copyright December 2013    Fifteen or more years ago this is what commonly passed for a crankcase ventilation "system". The orange juice...

Fuel Tank Installation

From the Editor What’s right with the marine industry?  That’s right, I said what’s right.  During my twenty year career as a marine journalist, I’ve...

Getting to Know Your Vessel – Bonding Systems and Corrosion Prevention

From the Editor As I write this month’s editorial I’m in flight, returning from a series of back to back inspections and sea trials.  While...

Inverter Installations; What You Need to Know

From the Masthead August 2014 August has been a busy month for SDMC, I began writing this editorial in a hotel room in Xiamen, China.  From...

The Art of the Engine Survey

Text and photos by Steve D’Antonio Copyright 2013   Skilled, experienced technicians understand what they need to do, and they have the right tools and know how...

The Relationship between Battery Bank Size and Charge Capability

The Relationship Between Battery Bank Size and Charge Capability   The house battery bank is the electrical heart of most cruising vessels; it supplies all the...

Hose Clamps Part II: Installation and Use

From the Editor A colleague of mine, the editor of a respected marine industry magazine, one for which I write, recently made an editorial leap...

Proper Propeller Removal – Editorial: The State of the Industry and Hybrid Propulsion

Steve D’Antonio Copyright 2015 SDMC, Inc.   From the Editor When you last heard from me I was still in China.  I’m preparing this month’s feature column while...

Fuel Polishing Systems Explained

Fuel Polishing Systems Explained By Steve D'Antonio Copyright September 2013    Seaweed-like tendrils, similar to those shown here, are a sure sign of water contamination Among other things,...

Propeller Installation – Editorial: Rescues at Sea that should not have been Necessary

From the Masthead I’m pleased to announce that the dates for the third Trawler and Motor Vessel Technical Training Workshop have been established, the event...
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