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Alternator Charge Regulation

Text and photos by Steve D'Antonio Copyright © 2017 From the Masthead Apprenticeships Revisited Readers of this column know that I’m passionate about marine industry professionalism and expertise, an integral...

September 2018 Newsletter

Photo Essay: Means of Reboarding “If you fall overboard, there’s no way to re-board the vessel without assistance”.  I uttered those words just last week,...

Securing Your Boat to a Dock, with a Homage to Cleats

From the Editor   Australia is a huge country, the sixth largest by land mass, after the US and Brazil, yet, it's very sparsely populated, fifty-second,...

January 2018 Newsletter

Text and photos copyright © 2018 Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. Photo Essay: Shore Power Plugs and Fire Prevention Statistically, more boat and marina fires occur as...

Alaskan Excursion

From the Masthead By now most boaters are aware of the issues presented by use of gasoline containing ethanol, which include tank and fuel system...

Anchors Away

Anchors Aweigh       by Ralph Naranjo All photos copyright Ralph Naranjo   Different vessels and different cruising destinations often call for different anchors.  Is there a perfect anchor?   Large anchors...

All in a Day’s Work for a Chesapeake Pilot

The following monologue was written by a colleague of mine, a 30+ year veteran Chesapeake Bay Ship's Pilot.  On two occasions I've had the pleasure of accompanying...

An Introduction into the World of Marine Inspections

An Introduction to the World of Marine Inspections By Katie D’Antonio All photos by Steve D'Antonio   The seatrial afforded those aboard a reoccurring set of spectacular vistas. As...

Potable Water Systems

Photos and text by Steve D'Antonio Copyright 2015 SDMC Inc.  From the Editor Dear SDMC Marine Systems Excellence Ezine subscriber: January has been a busy travel and project month...

July 2018 Newsletter

Photo Essay: Bonding Systems Part II; Maintenance In last month’s Photo Essay I reviewed the subject of unnecessary bonding.  This month I’ll cover bonding system...
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