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October 2020 Newsletter

Text and photos © 2020 Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. Photo Essay: Please Remove Your Shoes… It’s a veritable right of passage for those working on...

November 2016 Newsletter

Text and photos by Steve D’Antonio Copyright © 2016 Photo Essay: Generator Wiring Today, generators are commonplace aboard cruising power and sailing vessels, providing near-limitless AC electricity for refrigeration,...

Photo Essay – January 2015

Is your Belt the Right Size Photo and text by Steve D'Antonio Copyright 2015 SDMC, Inc.   The belts used to turn various engine accessories- raw water pumps,...

Engine Room Ventilation – Editorial: Carcasses and Wishy-Washy Quote-Filled Articles

From the Masthead Carcasses and Wishy-Washy Quote-Filled Articles I’ve been a technical journalist in the marine industry for almost 30-years, and I’ll readily admit that good...

Ask Steve – December 2014

Hi Steve, I will try to be as concise as possible. I have a 1997 32' Nordic Tug, Invictus. I moor my boat year round in...

Keeping the Keel Attached

Text and Photos By Ralph Naranjo  Copyright June 2014    Like bookends of keel design, these two under body extremes reflect how keel loads can be tightly focused or...

Ask Steve: Electric Tea Kettles, Fire, and AC Electricity

Ask Steve: Electric Tea Kettles, Fire, and AC Electricity By Steve D'Antonio Photos by Steve D'Antonio   On boats with both a powerful inverter and a generator on...

January 2023 Newsletter “Motor Mount Installation”

Photo Essay: Motor Mount Installation Motor mounts play a vital role in the propulsion system scheme; they represent the only link between the thrust created...

March 2018 Newsletter

Due to Steve’s travel schedule, the Photo Essay will be a month off. Please look for its return in April.  Ask Steve Steve, I have a question...

Primary Fuel Filters 2, 10, 30 Microns?

Hello Steve,   I have a question, perhaps for your blog. I have a Sabreline 36 Sedan with twin 6LYA-STP Yanmar 370hp engines.  The on engine filters are...

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