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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

After receiving the following letter from a consulting client a discussion on the subject of CO poisoning seemed in order.   Steve, After recalling reading something on...

The Need for Smoke Detectors – Editorial: Read the Contract

From the Masthead Read the Contract In the past few months I’ve received several calls from individuals who were preparing to take delivery of newly built...

Dry Exhaust System Details – Editorial: Painting Engines

From the Masthead I began working in the marine industry as a mechanic and electrician back in 1988.  At that time, I was in the...

Good Seamanship Makes for Good Safety

Letter from the Editor There’s nothing like an extended voyage to sharpen one’s technical and aesthetic senses.  In my case, such passages serve to keep...

June 2023 Newsletter: Fuel Tank (no) Support

Photo Essay: Fuel Tank (no) Support Structural failures of fuel tanks are nearly always traceable to either installation or construction flaws, with the former being...

April 2019 Newsletter

Text and photos © 2019 Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. Photo Essay: Anchor Rode Cut-Away Lines Other than for inspections or testing, it’s a part of...

Ask Steve: Electric Tea Kettles, Fire, and AC Electricity

Ask Steve: Electric Tea Kettles, Fire, and AC Electricity By Steve D'Antonio Photos by Steve D'Antonio   On boats with both a powerful inverter and a generator on...

January 2023 Newsletter “Motor Mount Installation”

Photo Essay: Motor Mount Installation Motor mounts play a vital role in the propulsion system scheme; they represent the only link between the thrust created...

Deciphering the Ingress Protection Code – Editorial: Alaska’s Lituya Bay

From the Masthead When you read this, I will be cruising in Southeast Alaska aboard the Fleming 65 Venture.  As I write this, we are...

Ask Steve

Copyright © 2014 SDMC Inc.   Steve, I have read your articles in Cruising World for years and have found them very informative. Recently I notice that the...

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