The SDMC Facebook page posts two columns each week, ‘Seaworthy, Reliable, and Safe’ and the ‘Photo Challenge’.

The ‘Seaworthy, Reliable and Safe’ column includes a photo, and a caption explaining a service, repair, preventive measure or troubleshooting tip from which readers may benefit. ‘Photo Challenges’ do just that, challenge the reader to see if he or she can determine what’s wrong in a given photo.

Tips for keeping your Boat Seaworthy, Reliable, and Safe

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Tips for keeping your boat seaworthy, reliable, and safe:

When changing oil, avoid over-tightening filters. A wrench may be required to remove a filter; however, it should not be used to re-install it. Remove the old filter; make sure the gasket is not left behind on the engine. Carefully clean the… view the full post.

Tips for keeping your boat seaworthy, reliable, and safe:

Shift and throttle cables, and their connections to the transmission and engine, as well as to the controls at the helm, play a vital role in vessel operation. A failed cable or terminal could lead to loss of control, the inability to… view the full post.

Steve’s Photo Challenge

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Steve’s Photo Challenge: Boarding Step

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Steve’s Photo Challenge: Positive Wire from Battery

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