About Steve’s Photography

An Introduction

I’m often asked if I can provide high resolution versions of the photos from the galleries you see here, which are suitable for printing and display, or for use in magazines.

I first developed an interest in photography while in high school, using a hand-me-down Pentax Honeywell “Spotmatic”, 35mm SLR.  I took it to sea to document a university semester aboard the 125-foot research schooner Westward, in the fall of 1986.

When I first began writing for boating magazines in the early 90s, I quickly realized no one could supply photos to accompany my technical articles like I could, so I invested in my first Nikon, an N6006, beginning a life-long appreciation of all things from that manufacturer; I have owned eighteen different Nikon bodies and countless lenses since that time.

After starting the consulting business in 2007, my travel and field work increased exponentially, affording me endless photographic opportunities across six continents.  In that time, I have cruised, flown, driven, hiked, climbed and sometimes crawled, through stormy seas, blazing heat, frigidcold, over tens of thousands of miles (at the moment I have accrued about 3 million miles of air travel and 50,000 miles of sea travel), while navigating myriad bureaucratic, immigration, aviation, and sea-going rules and laws, all to capture the images you see here.  I’ve spent about $50,000 in camera gear (and film when that was the medium, my slide library numbers over 20,000), which I have damaged and downright ruined on countless occasions, while exposing it to conditions for which it was never designed.

I once crawled on my stomach for 45 minutes, through wind-whipped freezing rain, to capture images of nesting puffins on the island of Mykines, in the Faroe Islands chain. When I returned to the boat chilled to the bone, there was water inside my lenses. In 2021, while underway on an air boat in Florida, I experienced a capsize event, which claimed three SLR camera bodies and four lenses.  And yet, I enjoy (almost) every minute of it…

As you can see, acquiring these images is no small feat, and for that reason I do charge a fee for their use or acquisition.

For additional information or an other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.