Onboard Education and Systems Training

This is your opportunity for personalized, one on one education and training, to learn about the systems and gear aboard your own vessel.  If you can look at any piece of equipment aboard your vessel and say, “I have no idea what that is or how it works” you’ll benefit from this session.  It includes a stem to stern review of the vessel’s major and minor systems, including ground tackle, cranes, lifesaving gear, electrical, plumbing, hydraulic, propulsion, HVAC, fuel, potable and raw water, tanks and others, during which Steve will share information on and explain how systems work, maintenance requirements, common failure modes and how to avoid them.  Steve will also share tips on how to improve and upgrade systems where that’s applicable, and you’ll benefit from his industry contacts and preferred service providers, from electricians and technicians to insurance agents and attorneys. Onboard Education and Systems Training fees begin at $4,200.00 plus travel expenses.  Call or email us for a quote for your vessel.