Trawler and Motor Vessel Technical Training Workshop

With an Added Pre-Event Hydraulics Day Class (see below for more details)

“I learned so much in this class, I can’t wait to get back to the boat to apply it all.” Karen Minkus.

“One of the most useful, professionally presented and information packed workshops we’ve ever attended.  We expected this level of presentation based on the exceptional guidance and quality work we’ve obtained in the past from both Steve D’Antonio and Keith Ruse.” Sandy and Bru Brubaker,

Comments made by attendees from a Trawler and Motor Vessel Technical Training Workshop


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The focus of the Trawler and Motor Vessel Technical Training workshops is to provide attendees with a turbo-charged learning environment, in a boatyard setting.  Led by ABYC Master Technician and systems expert, technical journalist, lecturer and marine industry consultant Steve D’Antonio, and assisted by fellow ABYC Master Technician and southern Chesapeake Bay’s Deltaville Boat Yard proprietor Keith Ruse, twenty six attendees will receive graduate level training in a variety of mechanical and electrical systems.

Following on the success of our previous Trawler and Motor Vessel Technical Training workshops, I am pleased to announce the next in the series.  This workshop will take place over two days, at Deltaville Boat Yard, on October 15th – 16th, 2016.  It will include hands-on mechanical and electrical training and demonstrations, in a boat yard shop setting, using an operating diesel engine, fuel system, batteries, and electrical system mock ups, as well as participating vessels’ engine rooms.  Registration is now open.



The lecture team also includes Jeff Merrill and Ralph Naranjo.  Jeff and Ralph are long-time colleagues and skilled professionals, with whom Steve has worked closely with and has the highest respect for their experience, and expertise, as well as their stellar presentation skills.  They are simply the very best at what they do.  Jeff is an experienced mariner, lecturer and author, he operates his own yacht brokerage firm, and he’s worked in the marine industry for over three decades.  As a circumnavigator, technical editor, lecturer and author of several books, including the recently-released, “The Art of Seamanship”, Ralph has been an authoritative voice in the marine industry for over 30 years, he’s written for dozens of magazines and was the civilian director of the Naval Academy Sailing program for over a decade.


Our next class will be held October 15th – 16th. Please follow this link to view the workshop’s flyer.

Registration will open on July 5th.  Please e-mail Katie to register, or with any other questions.

Attendance will be limited to 26 students.

Attendees may drive to the event, however, dockage will be provided free of charge Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings for those arriving by sea.  Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more details and registration information.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Morning sessions on Saturday and Sunday will be led by Steve D’Antonio, and assisted by Keith Ruse.  These will include critical systems, electrical, propulsion, steering and plumbing, as well as advanced electrical troubleshooting, multi-meter use, tool selection, engine troubleshooting, fuel system service and filter replacement, impeller and belt service.  Morning workshop session props will include electrical and fuel system mock-ups, a wide variety of tools, and an operating diesel engine.

Two afternoon sessions will be offered each day, taught by Jeff Merrill and Ralph Naranjo.  These include “Storm Avoidance”, “Electronic Navigation”, “Dialing in your Trawler”, and “Standing Watch”.  Please follow this link for more details.  Attendees who arrive by boat will also have the option of signing up for one-on-one engine room review sessions.   I, along with my Trawler and Motor Vessel Training team, look forward to seeing you there – Steve D’Antonio

Fees: $895/couple, $495/individual.  This includes breakfast, lunch and evening review session/and cocktail party, as well as the aforementioned dockage.

To learn more about Deltaville Boat Yard, the power cruising specialists, click here.


Attendees are afforded online, password protected access to an exclusive collection of a variety of articles written by event presenters.  For those who have received the password, please follow this link, or follow the link on the top right of this page:  Exclusive Workshop Attendee Documents.  

To be added to the Trawler Training Workshop mailing list, and received updates and registration information, e-mail


Pre-Trawler and Motor Vessel Technical Training Workshop Hydraulics Seminar

This day-long session, which will take place on Friday October 14, offers attendees an opportunity to learn about onboard hydraulic systems, including stabilizers, hydraulic and electric thrusters, and windlasses, as well as overall hydraulic function, design, service, repair, recommended spare parts and troubleshooting.  Taught by ABT TRAC lead education instructor Eric Folkestad, this seminar is offered at no extra charge to Trawler and Technical Training Workshop attendees.  For a full seminar outline, visit Hydraulics Seminar.


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