July 2017 Newsletter

Text and photos by Steve D'Antonio Copyright © 2017 Photo Essay: Direct-Bearing Terminals Shipboard electrical connections face a host of challenges, vibration, stress, extremes of temperature, and humidity or...

November 2023 Newsletter – Through Deck Fasteners

Photo Essay: Through Deck Fittings Properly securing deck hardware can present a variety of challenges.  Cored composite decks represent perhaps the greatest challenge; the core...

Dry Exhaust System Details – Editorial: Painting Engines

From the Masthead I began working in the marine industry as a mechanic and electrician back in 1988.  At that time, I was in the...

Taiwan Log Book

Taiwan Logbook By Steve D’Antonio Photos by Steve D'Antonio and Ta Shing Ta Shing Skilled and experienced staff are a prerequisite for any successful boat building operation. The...

Shaft Bearing Etiquette

Story and photos by Steve D’Antonio   Shaft bearings play a vital role, however, the nuances of their selection, operation and maintenance are often overlooked. Over the last...

August 2020 Newsletter

Text and photos © 2020 Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. Photo Essay: Tools are Your Good Friends

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